Civilian Opportunities

The New York City Police Department employs more than 17,000 civilians in a variety of exciting, diverse, well paying careers with great benefits. For more information regarding civilian employment opportunities click the links below:

Police Cadet College Program

The Cadet Corps is an apprenticeship which offers benefits, varied work assignments, and unlimited opportunities. Working full-time in the summer and a flexible part time schedule during the school year, you may be assigned to a neighborhood Precinct, Police Service Area or Transit District as well as various specialized units within the department. You will be working with some of the best personnel in the Department, along with the community, in order to help resolve real life problems.
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NYPD Intelligence Division and Counter-Terrorism Bureau

As an Intelligence Analyst with the NYPD, you will be a member of an elite agency recognized worldwide for its leadership in counterterrorism and law enforcement efforts. You will have experiences and opportunities unmatched by any other employer, playing a vital role in protecting 8 million New Yorkers and countless visitors who enter our city everyday. For more information, Click here.

School Safety Agent

School Safety Agents provide security and ensure the safety of students, faculty and visitors in New York City Public School buildings and surrounding premises. Serve your community in a unique and rewarding way by helping to protect and serve the public school children of this city. Become a New York City School Safety Agent and earn a good wage with generous medical and retirement benefits.
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School Crossing Guard

School Crossing Guards provide security and ensure the safety of students going to and from school. For more information on becoming a School Crossing Guard in your community, contact your local Precinct.
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Traffic Enforcement Agent

Traffic Enforcement Agents perform work of varying degrees of difficulty in traffic enforcement areas. When required, an agent issues summonses to illegally parked vehicles, directs traffic at an intersection, testifies at administrative hearing offices and court, prepares required reports, and may operate police vehicles and tow trucks.
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911 Operators - Police Communications Technicians

Police Communications Technicians are assigned to the Department's Communications Division as 911 emergency operators. They serve as a radio dispatcher of police resources and perform all other clerical and administrative duties related to the provision of emergency service.
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Agency Attorney

Agency Attorneys perform responsible legal work involving issues of fact and questions of law of varying degrees of difficulty and with varying degrees of independent initiative and judgment. Agency Attorneys research and prepare routine cases for trial and argue them before courts and administrative hearings; prepare briefs, motions, and legal opinions; and negotiate draft, and process contracts.
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Criminalists perform work in the chemical and/or physical analyses of evidentiary materials such as hair, fibers, body fluids, fingerprints, gunshot residue, fire accelerants, questioned documents, controlled substances, soil, metals, polymers, glass, and other types of forensic trace evidence required in scientific criminal investigations.
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Psychologists evaluate potential candidates for employment for specific job titles (Police Officer, Police Communications Technician, School Safety Agent, etc.) through the use of clinical interviewing and the administration and interpretation of standard group and individual tests of personality development and intellectual capacity. They also provide trauma debriefing, counseling and evaluation of members of the service following major incidences or during times of personal crisis; and evaluate investigative personnel for psychological fitness for specialized assignments.
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Auxiliary Police Volunteers

The NYPD Auxiliary Police are civic-minded men and women who volunteer to assist their local Police Precincts, Housing Police Service Areas, and Transit Districts, by performing uniformed patrol in their communities. They are recruited, trained and equipped by the Police Department. They come from many diverse backgrounds and a myriad of occupations throughout the City, such as computer programmers, mechanics, merchants, nurses, security guards, school teachers, students, etc.
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