Educational Opportunities

Course credits, scholarships and tuition reduction programs to help towards earning your graduate or undergraduate degree

Course Credits

  • Receive up to 29 college credits for your police academy training toward your degree. Several colleges in the metropolitan area accept the full amount.
  • 29 college credits are equivalent to two (2) full semesters of college cost savings.
  • Start receiving pay and benefits from your first day of Recruit training.

Members of the Service are eligible to apply for the following:

Undergraduate Studies:

  • 71 scholarships to schools in New York City, SUNY Albany and Harvard
  • 16 Colleges offer tuition reduction programs

Graduate Studies:

  • 6 Scholarships
  • 9 Colleges offer tuition reduction programs
  • Officers may apply to receive 9 paid Educational Leave days each semester while in graduate school*

*Paid excusals in pursuit of academic studies, in addition to vacation.