The Police Academy Overview

Upon being hired, every Officer starts their career as a Recruit Officer in the Police Academy. The mission of the Police Academy is to educate, prepare and inspire uniformed members of the Police Department into becoming law enforcement professionals, equipped with the necessary academic and tactical knowledge to protect the life, rights, property, and dignity of all the residents of the City of New York. We believe that a well-trained police professional will have a favorable impact on the diverse communities they serve, will be respected by their peers, and will be emulated by other law enforcement agencies. We endeavor to facilitate training by utilizing technology, research and development, and meticulous instruction to ensure that members of the Police Department can continue to be lauded as New York’s Finest.

As the NYPD grows in both size and mission, we’ve expanded our training to include the latest in Counter Terrorism and Intelligence programs, more community outreach, and greater focus on quality of life. The Police Academy provides what our Police Officers and all New Yorkers deserve: the most advanced law enforcement training facility anywhere in the world.