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NYPD Community Bulletin Board

To make your relocation a little easier, we have created this bulletin board to help you and fellow recruits secure affordable housing and move into a place within the designated areas (one of New York City's five boroughs or Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland or Orange County.) By sharing apartments and tips, you'll be doing yourself and other recruits a favor.

We encourage you to ONLY post openings for apartments or roommates, respond to others' inquiries, generally discuss relocation and help one another out in the relocation process.

If you find an apartment but need a roommate to share the cost of the rent, we encourage you post a request for a roommate on our bulletin board. We recommend that you choose another police recruit as a roommate. Someone you can trust around your Department issued property. It's up to you to decide who moves in with you. Think smart!

Remember, this bulletin board is your place to relate. Your place to associate. Your place to communicate. Your place to acclimate. But please remember it is just your place and only open to current members, new recruits and those interested in continuing through the NYPD application process.

We wish to remind private companies, real estate agents, or anyone attempting to generate rental income for their own personal gain that this bulletin board is monitored and your message will be edited out. We also want to remind new recruits and current officers that this board is a forum for housing and relocation ONLY, and all communications on it should remain true to topic.

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